Xinhua News Agency commentary US bullying policy: China fully prepared for the worst case

  Xinhua News Agency, Washington, March 22 – Title: American bullying unpopular economic and trade policies also will not work Xinhua News Agency reporters Jin Min and Min Gaopan Jiangyu Juan Trump 22nd President of the United States signed a presidential memorandum, based on the findings of 301, will be imported from China goods massive tariffs and restrictions on Chinese investment in the US corporate mergers and acquisitions。 Trump government based on false premise, the use of outdated protectionism, this outrageous practice unpopular both in the international arena, but also will not work。
  First, the US protectionist policies recently adopted with a clear imprint of the times of old, out of tune with the new world, there are people in the West criticize it as bullying policy。 301 survey was born in the Cold War era of unilateralism legal tool that allows the United States who is also the police magistrate judge jury prosecutors multiple roles, and its essence is to take advantage of trade position, forced to sacrifice the interests of trading partners。   After the WTO was established in mid-1995, 301 investigations of such unilateral trade tool has been basically quit the stage of history。
Trump government to reduce the trade deficit, forced resurrected zombies tools of the trade, the implementation bullying policy is tantamount to the jungle of international trade。
This is not only for the international rules-based multilateral trading system and open defiance provocation and a serious threat to global economic recovery, including the United States have been traditional allies, including the major economies generally opposed。   Secondly, not static, isolated, fragmented look at trade deficit with China and the Sino-US economic and trade relations。 Among the global multilateral trading system notes, the deepening of economic globalization today, the parties present in the bilateral trade dependency, closely linked。 For example, the price of a $ 1,000 Apple iPhoneX, imports of parts and components to China from the world, assembled and then exported to the United States。
Because China does not earn tens of dollars assembling fee, will China this US trade deficit of $ 1,000 in charge。
  Trump government should see that China's trade surplus with the United States of downstream consumers, corresponds to the Chinese supply chain, from upstream countries of import items, including imports of goods and services from US companies。
As the American business community recently pointed out, Chinese exports to the US to impose tariffs against those who would harm the United States to sell parts to Chinese companies。
No wonder Nobel laureate in economics, Paul Krugman theory of international trade experts called the US trade deficit with optical illusion。
  Again, over the years the US trade deficit means trying to digestion by bullying economic and trade policies, unilateral measures will not really play effect。 Economists have repeatedly pointed out that the root cause of the US trade deficit that the US consumer is excessive, inadequate savings rate inherent structural problems。   Since the 1980s, the US trade deficit continued to widen last century, since the Reagan administration adopted by the United States from a variety of trade protection measures failed to reverse this trend。 In fact, Trump government came to power more than a year, the US trade deficit hit a 9 Anti-year high。
Himself sick, but let someone else take medicine, this approach obviously does not make sense, it does not work。   In view of the United States after the breakdown on the world's number one and number two economies, bilateral economic and trade highly interdependent and mutually have desires, the United States can not wield the big stick of trade protectionism in China, itself unscathed。   Not a forced sale。
The past 40 years, Sino-US trade volume increased 232-fold, to $ 580 billion, two-way investment exceeded US $ 230 billion。 Problem solving Sino-US economic and trade relations, the key is to do more addition, by expanding market access to each other open initiatives to explore new paths in equality, improve the imbalance in the cooperation, harmony and win-win situation in the。
  China has never deliberately pursue a trade surplus, but also fully prepared for the worst case。
As Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China did not want to fight a trade war with anyone, but if someone non-forced us to play, we will not be afraid, two will not hide。 (Finish)  。