Female Health: from six sites to see the degree of aging women

With age, the female body functions begin to decline, no longer has its luster and elasticity。 What parts of the body appear to cause changes in female sexual weakness it?First, the breast: a woman to do when good female breasts to bring happiness when a woman is fine, but the breast itself caught in a variety of risk。
It has cervical cancer as harmful to women's health and life of the first malignancies。
Female Health: from six sites to see a woman aging degree of female breasts is one of the most vulnerable parts, but also aging and women are closely related。 It will increase the chance of breast cancer; even had Duolei Si and nylon bra can lead to disorders of lactation。 Tips: self-examination essential。
Experts remind that over a 30-year-old, every woman should learn to check their own breast。
Such as bathing, not too much force when touching breasts, touched with a finger while sleeping, even in a clockwise direction in turn, and finally the central part of the breast, found lumps or abnormal place, rushed to the breast specialist inspection, ask the doctor to help make the final judgment。