Lantern Festival Lantern necessary ate traditional food

Lantern ate immediately to the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival, and eat dumplings at this time, to see the dragon is the Lantern Festival features。Do you know what to eat rice balls Lantern Festival in addition to it the following night nets to tell us something about what to eat the Lantern Festival, Lantern Festival which are essential traditional cuisine oh!Lantern Festival to eat what 1, glutinous rice balls Lantern Festival, southerners eat rice balls, mainly pray for the whole family round and round。
Dumplings made of rice used, sweet, tonic transfer of blood, spleen appetite, diarrhea Qi, there is warm, the fluid and moistening functions。
Furthermore all kinds of conventional rice balls stuffed mainly with dried fruit and fruit-based material, including, walnut ,, plus vegetable oil, to "new heights"。
Boiled dumplings is the simplest approach, in fact, it is the most healthy way of eating。2, the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival, northerners eat Lantern。Speaking of the Lantern Festival, many people think that is the glutinous rice balls Lantern。In fact, the Lantern Festival and glutinous rice balls despite little difference in the raw material, shape, actually two things。The most fundamental difference is that the production process。
Dumpling is relatively simple to make, is generally first harmonic glutinous rice flour with water to the skin, and then stuffing "package" Good Serve。
The Lantern Festival is much more complicated in the production: first need to face and good, the solidification of the filling into small pieces, over water again, and then thrown into the rice flour filled with inner monkey roll, while roll while watering until stuffing rice flour into covered feed roller ball just done。
3 Lantern ate, like "stolen" when lettuce Cantonese Lantern Festival pick lettuce, mixed with pastry cooking, this food is said to represent the good luck。Cantonese really gentle character, a diagram of the festivals most auspicious, usually most commonly used to store opening lettuce and other festive occasions, the Lantern Festival is also essential festive supplies。
Often become common vegetables on the table of the South lettuce, whose name and "making money" homophonic, therefore, be seen as a symbol of wealth and good fortune festive thing。