Summer blood pressure fluctuated how low blood pressure safely summer?(1)

  As the sea has ebb and flow, month also wanes as the body's blood pressure will fluctuate with changes in the nature of the occurrence of certain laws。First, there will be seasonal changes in blood pressure。
The body's blood vessels as an object, as there is the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction, and therefore close season。
Tian Han winter, cold fronts, blood vessels contract when cooled, but the vessel does not change in blood volume, blood pressure rises slightly。
The summers are hot, blood vessels to dilate, combined with sweat more, a little lower blood pressure naturally。
Thus the patient during medication, must be adapted to the seasons change, blood pressure fluctuations carefully, under the guidance of a doctor, an appropriate increase or decrease the dose。
  Then, 24 hours a day, there are some fluctuations in blood pressure rhythm。
Early in the morning, the sun rises from the horizontal, people woke up, a new day begins, sympathetic people began to get excited, heart rate, increased blood pressure。
After walking up the blood pressure to rise further, at 6 am?10 am and 4 pm?8 o'clock each have a peak, followed by a slow decline, fell to the lowest in the 13 o'clock to 3 o'clock, and maintain a certain level。  This is why the same person one day several times the amount of blood pressure values are not the same every time, sometimes very different。In general, however, a day of normal human blood pressure fluctuations 20?Volatility fluctuates by 30 mm Hg, systolic and diastolic blood pressure greater than, as long as there is no other risk factors, on whom there is no need to panic。
In addition, blood pressure fluctuations also affected by environmental factors in people's emotions, exercise, diet, etc.。Recognizing the volatility of blood pressure, we can not solely a result of the conclusion of the inspection, giving wear a hat, should be in a quiet state, to avoid the factors that affect blood pressure, a good grasp of timing check。
Weekdays insist on self-test also should pay attention, do not wait condition have remembered measurement, early prevention!  How to do this summer?  In summer, hot weather, people and more activities, sweat easily, will follow the fluctuating blood pressure, especially in patients with a summer they will be extraordinarily uncomfortable, not only often confused, but also chest tightness, heart palpitations And other issues。Clinical display, summer is high blood pressure in patients with cerebral embolism, myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular diseases, "peak season", the crowd in the death of hypertensive patients, as much as 6 adults died in the summer!  In the hot summer months, the patient's blood pressure is often not smooth, the need for close observation of changes in blood pressure, treatment regimens should be adjusted under the guidance of a doctor, determine the need for stopping or reducing drug。
Many patients tend to be particularly worried about the side effects of antihypertensive drugs, and more generally considered inferior to take medicine less medication, medication is better not to take medicine。
Many people see the blood pressure down, and put the medicine stopped, blood pressure up, eat a few days, this approach has some risk, blood pressure can lead to increased volatility, it will increase the vascular injury, increasing the heart, brain, the risk of complications such as kidney, a serious cause of stroke and myocardial infarction, angina and other vascular accidents。  Changes in blood pressure in patients with summer mechanism is not clear, and may be more sweating, lack of drinking water, the summer loss of appetite, blood volume is relatively low, and the economic condition of the patient, the living environment-related。Changes in blood pressure caused by seasonal point of time is not just a hot dog days, more communicative in the spring and summer, when the temperature abrupt increase。The present study the relationship between blood pressure changes with the seasons is insufficient, the people affected by seasonal changes in more than 70 years more common in elderly, because the elderly blood pressure, reduced ability to self-regulation, the elderly appear orthostatic hypotension is because the elderly carotid sinus pressure the decrease in receptor function。  First, ground to guard against blood pressure if patients with cardiovascular disease usually normal blood pressure control, a sudden rise in blood pressure at a certain time period, especially the elderly, may also be present arteriosclerosis, vascular degenerative changes (refer to as the age of a change in the body's cells, tissues, organs occurred), greater vascular fragility, a sudden increase in blood pressure at a time of low vascular pressure increased significantly, it is easy to cause blood vessels to burst。Therefore, be sure to wash blood pressure early detection and early treatment of cardiovascular disease。  Second, like doctor to adjust medication science summer due to the widespread use of air conditioning, the temperature around the human body changes, easily lead to large fluctuations in blood pressure, caused by acute complications, even life-threatening。In this case, if free to change the dose in patients with hypertension, it will also induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and life-threatening。Since each person's tolerance of different blood pressure, medication must vary, must not copy the experience of others, to borrow someone else's prescription。To adjust the medication in patients with hypertension science under the guidance of a doctor。