Go to work sleepy?Teach you the recipe relieve fatigue (1)

  Daily office workers with mental high strength, a long time is easy to mental fatigue, dizzy spells, with no spirit, and the reaction force is decreased。How refreshing to be white-collar workers?What foods to eat will help revive and refresh?  Brain powerful performance in many aspects, such as smart, memory, reaction force, anti-stress, etc.。
The following methods can easily solve these small cells in your brain enough trouble。
    Is nothing more than the most healthy way to enhance physical fitness, in addition, it can exercise the brain。
A study shows that the impact of the movement of the brain, showed that age is 55-80 years of age, adults have regular exercise, and performance on cognitive tests than the control group did not exercise good fourfold。The most obvious effect is that each exercise 30-45 minutes, insist on more than six months who。
  A recent study shows that if you walk twice a week, once for an hour, you can increase (language part of the brain manage learning and memory) your hippocampus。Exercise can also help you release pressure on memory and cognitive function also benefit greatly。
  Many people think that more than sex, "sex" distracting, but a Dutch psychologist Dr. Atkins Foster completed have yielded the opposite conclusion。
He found that many of the people living in the problem-solving mind clearer, more focused effort。
This may be because sexual activity promotes brain。
  Graffiti in the case where your brain is tired or a lot of pressure, brain activity is suppressed, then the brain can be activated by graffiti Zhongxin brain cells。Because the processing of visual signals, the brain need to mobilize more than 60% of the resources。By stimulating various colors constantly, bring fresh information to the brain thereby improving the working condition of brain cells, thus improving the mental and physical state。  White-collar refreshing to eat these foods in addition to the above method can save the brain awake, what method it refreshing?In fact, many foods also have refreshing effects, such as strawberries, etc.。  Work, life has bitter music, we can not just accept the boycott happy and distressed, so we need time, with a positive attitude to face everything。    In fish high in protein, rich in tyrosine, tyrosine in the human body helps the brain neurotransmitter production of goods, people pay attention forces are concentrated, mentally alert。
    Female relatively easy to contain lack of minerals – magnesium。Women daily magnesium intake of less than 280 milligrams if people will think。Role of magnesium in the body is to muscle carbohydrates into energy may be applied。  Strawberry Strawberry rich in vitamin C, vitamin?It helps the body absorb iron, so that cells get nourishment, so eat strawberries can make people focus Dousou。  Garlic, a German from the patient to answer the questionnaire for the study found that the efficacy of garlic on cholesterol, after they ate garlic pills, do not feel tired, no anxiety, anger is not easy。
  Dr. Judith · Wote Man whole wheat bread Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said of eating complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread, crackers, they contain trace minerals such as selenium can improve mood, like antidepressant。
  Beans Iron is the major mediators of human energy, which bears the important task of human organs and muscles to transport oxygen。Therefore, if the body lacks iron, can lead to anemia, people feel dizzy, weak。  Reminder: white-collar workers if they want to keep a clear mind, you can also drink coffee oh!。